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Breakdown: Impressive ROAS with a mix of cold and retargeting traffic.


But Steve, why are all your conversions exact, even numbers - is this some kind of joke?


The only joke is when someone thinks they're getting a deal because the price tag ends in .97

Some more cold ads:

Some more retargeting ads:

Absolutely Incredible

I could go on and on about this program, but what I learned from Steve is to keep it simple. So I'll just say this: No other program comes even remotely close to this. Absolutely life changing!


Real Deal

I used to meet my prospects in person with absolutely no posture and have to practically beg them to use my services. Now they beg me. The competition has disappeared. Are you freaking kidding me?!


What a journey

I had no knowledge of marketing, advertising, or really anything when it comes to the online world. What I did have was expertise in a niche I didn't feel there was much of a need for. I was so wrong.


Top Tier

Steve worked with me step by step, was always available for me when I needed him and changed my business forever.


Got my 6th 4k sale

I used to get one sale a month. Now I get two a week. Who knows what will happen in the next 90 days or so but I am so excited. It feels like Christmas.


Total transformation

Steve and Witvoet Media changed my business and my entire life in 8 weeks. I will continue working with him until he gets sick of me 😀


56k in 2 weeks

MIND BLOWN! My goal was simple. 5-figure months. I am so ready for 6. Unbelievable!


2050% increase in revenue

This year changed my entire business. I finally hit well into 6-figures after years of never coming close. Funny thing is - I'm working so much less now.

-Dr. V

Nothing else like it

I was a nobody with no following... and just like that, I became the most influential person in my space in a matter of weeks. Appreciate you Steve!


Best investment anyone could make with a business.

I'm 4 weeks in and already have two new high-ticket clients. I charge 5k for my service.


Totally revolutionary program

The most organized and well put together program I have ever been a part of. I've bought a ton of them. But this isn't just a program, this is having one of the best as a partner.


Where we're going, we don't need roads

After working with Steve, I realized that the "normal" or what I thought was the right way was keeping me broke. Interesting what happens when you have a real expert at your disposal.


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